Online Presentation

Phasing Out Animal Experiments - Options for a National Policy

Date: Wednesday, April 26, 2023

17.00 - 19.00

Event language: English


17.00  - Welcome and Introduction

17.10 - Dr. Aysha Akhtar 

Double-Board Certifi ed Neurologist and Preventive
Medicine Specialist, Founding Member and Chair-
woman of the Center for Contemporary Science (USA)

Why we must replace animal testing and how to do it – first steps in the U.S.


17.40 - Prof. Dr. Merel Ritskes-Hoitinga

Professor of Evidence-Based Transition to Non-Animal
Technologies at the Veterinary Faculty, University of
Utrecht (Netherlands)

Accelerating the transition to an animal-testing-free world: how can we achieve this together?


18:10 - Tilly Metz 

MEP, Member of the Green Party/ Free Alliance,
and Chairwoman of the European Parliament’s
Intergroup for Animal Protection

Phasing out animal experiments in the EU: a European Parliament perspective


18.40 - Discussion with all speakers; Q&A

19.00 -
End of event

Non-animal, human-based technologies have developed impressively quickly over the past years. Nonetheless, around  5 million animals are still suffering in German labs every year – despite the fact that animal testing doesn’t yield reliable results.

Other countries have taken the first steps towards phasing out animal testing. The Netherlands lead the way, having been the first country to present a concrete exit strategy. As of recently in the US, drugs can now be approved that have not been tested on animals. The European Parliament passed a resolution calling upon the European Commission to develop a concrete phase-out plan for animal testing, and over 1.2 million European citizens advocated for a Europe without animal testing via a European Citizens’ Initiative. All signs point toward a paradigm change to leave animal testing behind. However, the German coalition and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, run by the Green Party, have shown no efforts to move in that direction.

As part of their joint campaign “Phase out animal experiments. NOW!”, Doctors Against Animal Experiments and People for Animal Rights – Federal Association of Opponents of Animal Experiments invite you to an informative event with three presentations explaining the situation in the USA, the Netherlands, and the European Union, and demonstrating the possibilities of phasing-out animal experiments.